Our consulting focuses on creating effective processes and procedures, using technology to streamline operations, and in assisting you in managing and implementing changes in these areas.

The core of our consulting process is an Operational Assessment of your firm. This review includes:

  • Your Systems and Procedures – We believe that systematizing your business with well-defined and well-thought out processes is key to your ongoing success as a firm.
  • Technology review, including CRM usage – We strongly believe that technology enhances efficiency and profitability, and that a CRM system should be the hub around which you build your operations. As CRM experts, we will help you get more out of your current CRM. If you don’t have a CRM, trust us, if you work with us…you will!
  • Adoption & Training – Firm adoption, usage and competency are critical to creating operational efficiencies and developing a consistently positive client experience. Everyone needs to be onboard. We want to know:
    • What you are using and why?
    • Who uses it?
    • Who does not and why not?
    • What’s the level of understanding?
    • What kind of training has been done?
    • Who is onboard and who is resistant?

From this assessment, and our ongoing in-depth conversations, we will craft a plan to move you forward towards operational excellence. Areas to be addressed in this plan can include:

  • Creating and refining operational processes and procedures
  • Rollout and training of new procedures and processes
  • Crafting your training protocol
  • CRM optimization
  • Technology recommendations and implementation plans

Ready to get moving? Give us a call!